Our Sydney Range of Pile and Textured Carpets

Nothing can compare to the luxury of soft, plush carpet on your toes. With Homelegend Rugs and Floorings, you can buy traditional or modern, patterned or unpatterned. Explore our range for the perfect carpet that’ll turn your house into a home.

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Loop Pile Carpet

Loop pile carpets have yarn looped at a combination of levels to create a soft, smooth feel.

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Twisted Pile Carpet

Durable yet luxuriously soft, it’s no wonder that twist pile carpets are the most popular style of carpet.

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Long Pile Carpet

With their thermal insulation and piles that don’t flatten over time, long pile carpets are worth their higher price tag.

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Textured Carpet

Textured carpet is full of natural character and bounce, and comes in a huge variety of textures.

Visit Our Showroom in Sydney

Visit us at our Sydney showroom to see what these options could look like in your property, or give us a call to get the job started for your own home.

New Carpet Installation and Fitting

Of all the floor covering options you could look at, carpet remains the most popular and versatile in Sydney houses. Quiet and warm, with great ease of maintenance and luxurious feel, what could be more perfect for your home?

We offer a variety of quality carpet brands, with different qualities and purposes for different home lifestyles you may be looking for. Pet-proof, kid-proof, we offer everything you could need for your home.

Browse our huge range of carpets, for every taste and budget, and for both homes and offices.

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To remove old carpet and new carpet installations, visit us or contact us online.

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